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New TonyKart!

Gotta be done perfect, Cameron is the only way to go –

Thank you PK & Josh… You’re Amazing!


Pandora Racing

I have some special Mentors, Friends, and people that have helped me to get where I am, and I would like to send out a special thanks to them for their strength and support. I will be updating this page soon with video, some links to some amazing, teams I race with, links to vendors or services that have helped me get this far that have given exceptional service & help, & info on basics that may help you if you are interested in getting into this wonderful sport!

Lisa Caceres, owner of Race Karts Inc!

NASA (National Auto Sport Association)

Simraceway in Sonoma

Mulder Design

Browse my site, & feel free to leave comments or suggestions, or questions if I can help, and Thank you!!

Sanzaru Race @ Sonoma

Sunday, August 6, 2015

Weather should be good, so it will be a great track day!